Psychotherapy Services

Healthy Aging: Our culture doesn’t offer many road maps to navigate the struggles in later life to find personal meaning and identity other than through one’s profession.  Help with the larger questions around spirituality, purpose, and even one’s own inevitable death are often necessary to move beyond a place of anxiety and loss, into ongoing creativity and generosity.

Individual Therapy: Life is sustained and nurtured by the constant emotional work necessary to come to terms with the pain of one’s past as well as everyday experiences.  Often times that which has hurt us is hidden in the unconscious and requires the help of an emotionally sensitive, trained therapist to bring to awareness and help work through the experiences that have limited your capacity to attain the life you imagined.

Marital/Couple’s Therapy: Living intimately with another person brings out the best and the worst in us, as it should be.  The emotional purpose of relationships is to facilitate growth but sometimes it has the opposite effect – it destroys lives.  When your partner has become your opponent, it is time for help.

Parenting Issues:  Little people need big people not just to fix dinner but to help digest the emotional experiences of life.  If this was never provided for you, chances are it is difficult for you to provide for your child.  Emotional digestion is a big job that requires parents to grow in ways that have often been overlooked, and now under the pressures of parenting.  Growing up is definitely not child’s play, but there is help, even for the big people.

Anxiety: Anxiety can be circumstantial or an internal chronic state. The fear, dread, and preoccupation of anxiety can dominate one’s experience leaving little room for peace or contentment.  Psychotherapy can provide the containment necessary to discern the source of anxiety, grow more emotional strength and develop coping skills for a more joyful life.

Depression:  When the emotional cost of facing each day becomes a relentless burden, and when life is more a chore than an adventure, you are most likely depressed.  Therapy provides the help to sort through grief, emotional abuse and neglect, anger, chronic disappointment and feelings of emptiness and trauma that often underlies depression.  When the emotional energy is freed from these unresolved issues, even life-long depression surprisingly lifts.

Grief Counseling: Unresolved grief can be at the root of chronic depression and anxiety.  Often we think we have “moved on” but the losses in our lives have actually accumulated and left us feeling lifeless and empty.  With proper therapy grief can be transformed into growth and vitalization.

Infertility:  The inability to conceive and bear a child is a blow to one’s life plan and identity as a man or woman.   Feelings of anger, defectiveness, envy, injustice, helplessness and lost purpose are common.  Navigating the process of infertility treatment is also a tricky and dark tunnel.  Support during this process can help the individual or couple feel back in control of their lives.

Adoption:  Transitioning from infertility treatment to adoption holds much loss as well as hope.  The multitude of decisions required during the adoption process (international vs. domestic, race, age, gender, open vs. closed, etc.) can be made clearer with proper counsel and a space to sort out the meanings of these decisions for each individual.

Attachment Issues for Adoptive Families
:  Helping your adopted child or infant bond with you as parents is the essential task of adoption, yet it is fraught with landmines and potential disappointment.  The adopted child’s manner of testing the security of the connection will certainly hit the most tender emotional places in any parent.  Education, support and a place to grow into being the parent your child needs, is essential to this loving adventure.

Menopause/Mid-life Transition:  The decades of the 40s, 50s and 60s do not have to be a “crisis” but can instead be a time of thoughtful action on behalf of one’s life. Working through regrets and missed opportunities yields the energy to design a meaningful life chapter of wisdom and purposeful engagement.  Understanding the options for managing the physiological changes of this time is also essential.

Somatic Disorders:  If you are plagued by chronic and diffuse physical ailments (migraines, irritable bowel, fibromyalgia, etc.) chances are your body is carrying the emotional distress that your mind is unable to process.  Psychotherapy directed toward articulating the emotional pain stored physically can greatly alleviate your discomfort and perhaps save you from more serious illness later in your life.

Spirituality:  Questions of meaning and purpose are part of the human condition.  Relating deeply with other people, discerning the reason for your life, and connecting with the Divine are the requirements of most people for life satisfaction.  Trained in interspiritual wisdom, the therapists at Sulphur Mountain Psychoanalysis can help you begin or focus your spiritual journey regardless of your particular religious history.

Sexuality:  Intimate relationships often become the crucible for our deepest fears and vulnerabilities.  If you have been unable to develop a satisfying romantic and sexual relationship, or if you are struggling with sexual dysfunction, psychotherapy and sex therapy can alleviate the obstacles to a more emotionally and physically gratifying connection.