Professional Development

The emotional intensity of good therapeutic work is hard to sustain without support.   Taking time to think about clients and engage with fresh perspectives keeps one’s clinical acumen sharp and therapy forward-moving.

Supervision and Case Consultation for those desiring continued personal and theoretical growth while doing the difficult emotional work of therapy.  This is offered in an individual and/or group setting.

Consultation groups provide the opportunity to discuss difficult cases and refresh your clinical skills, while expanding your community of support.   Participants are invited to bring in clinical material.  The following therapeutic issues are some of what will guide our discussion:

  • recognizing and working with transference/countertransference
  • maintaining strong emotional contact with clients
  • discerning the developmental weaknesses beneath defenses
  • dream work from a variety of orientations
  • bringing unconscious material to the surface
  • boundary issues – when to keep the frame, when to bend it
  • gratification vs. interpretation of client wishes
  • tracking the developmental process
  • the therapist’s self-disclosure
  • therapeutic vs. non-therapeutic regression
  • understanding the psychodynamics beneath common symptoms