About You

A common misunderstanding about Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy is that you spend all your time blaming your parents and your past for your current problems. This is not true. In fact, spending your time in this manner likely contributes in a destructive way to your current life.

However, learning to be responsible for your current life does require that you try to understand how your history has indeed contributed to who you are today. Many people admit they had no idea their life would turn out “this way”, yet few take the time to understand how this has happened. Only by learning from your past will you have a better tomorrow than today.

Do you feel lost in time, like you slept through the first half of your life and missed something important? Perhaps as you watch other people you wonder how they make their life work.

Are you confused about what you want to do with your life? Maybe you are convinced that your options are limited because you just do not feel equipped to get where you want to go.

Is it that while you are not exactly depressed you are also not exactly happy? You are not dead, but you do not feel very alive either, mostly just reactive. Your life is not something you planned and then executed. It just seemed to take shape while you responded to events happening to you.

Wrestling with your thoughts and feelings to produce a meaningful map of your own life can help you avoid getting lost in the future. Your life is not just the luck of the draw or the blessing of having healthy genes, it is something that can actually be worked on and changed.

Getting professional help … when you feel more dead than alive, when your career seems stable but unsatisfying or you just can not seem to achieve the loving relationships you dream of … can change your tomorrow.