About Jim

dr-james-mannesDr. James Mannes has been in practice for 30 years. He was first licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist, continuing on to receive his Ph.D. in Psychoanalysis from The Psychoanalytic Center of California. Dr. Mannes is currently a Training and Supervising Analyst for Newport Psychoanalytic Institute. Students that Jim has mentored describe him as “deeply present, intense, and a master at bringing theory to life.”

In the clinical hour, Jim uses the personal relationship as the window to the client’s inner life. He relates in a gentle, yet actively engaged manner, listening for the subtle communications that reveal the unconscious processes that are impeding the client’s life. He provides a refuge and model to help the client face the “emotional work” necessary for a meaningful life.

Dr. Mannes has advanced training in narcissism and addictions, believing these issues to be not only key developmental derailments of individuals, but of our current culture as a whole. He also specializes in the emotional lives of men, particularly how men tend to live outside of the self and often fail to occupy his own inner world.

About Kristi

Dr Kristi Walsh received her Ph.D in Psychoanalysis from Newport Psychoanalytic Institute and has been in private practice for 35 years.  Dr. Walsh enjoys working with individuals and couples in mid-life and beyond, whether that be transitions around empty nesting, retirement or late career changes, menopause, unsatisfying life-long relationships, or unfulfilled passions. While this life stage may offer us more time, finances and wisdom, we can also find ourselves stuck and closing down as anxiety comes to the foreground and creativity seems to be a luxury we cannot afford.

The Third Chapter (age 50-80) is a rich time for reworking our lives to insure we are living with authenticity and passion, while we still have the time.  This season offers an opportunity to lay to rest our traumas, our regrets and failures, the fantasies of what our life was going to be, and look ourselves squarely in the eye with unbridled truth about who we really are, and who we are yet able to become. Dr. Walsh is trained in Interspiritual direction and takes a psycho-spiritual approach to helping clients and couples navigate this phase of life toward greater meaning and purpose.